Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A quick note

Yes, I am drinking again. I had a 90 Shilling and, of course, a Sunshine (with a lemon not an orange...disappointing) at dinner with my dad last night. Not too much to report there; it was just nice to have a beer again, especially after spending the night before watching the Nuggets game with my brothers and one of them taunting me for not being able to drink. I don't handle Nuggets games well without drinks, especially when particular players get ejected for stupid reasons. (...and breathe)

Anyway, February is shaping up to be an exciting month for drinking with the release of New Belgium's Ranger IPA, the return of Espresso Yeti, Deschutes releasing their Jubel 2010 (available once a decade) and Lefthand's Chainsaw (double Sawtooth) coming out. So there will be much drinking and blogging (don't worry, JS, I will review your beloved beer and figure out why you are cheated out of one bottle a six pack as well).

In addition to all this, I, with the help of my beloved Greggers, will be revamping this here website. So my question to you is what additions would you like to see to the website? Any beer websites or blogs that include features you particularly like? Let me know. As always, post in the comments or email me. Thanks!

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