Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random thought about Fat Tire

At the game last night I came up with what, in my opinion, is the perfect analogy for Fat Tire:

Fat Tire is to Nuggets games what hot dogs are to baseball games. Yes, there are better options out there; yes, it’s not the most tasty thing ever; but, in those particular circumstances, it’s the only thing that’s right.

In other news

Apologies, once again, for the lack of posts. Life has been getting in the way of me writing. But don’t fret; there will be so much beer blogging in the weeks to come you will miss the days of no-posts.

In fact, next Monday, I, with the help of Greggers, will be launching the Jenn and Beer website. The site will have all you could ever want to know about beer and if it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll find a way to change that.

So spread the word and help support your favorite beer blogger, as she starts this new phase of beer blogging.

1 comment:

  1. Beer girl, it's me - anonymous midwestern girl.
    Good to hear you are back.
    Once again, I must take issue with your analogy.
    As we know, I am a college student. Which means I recently took the SATs. I KNOW from analogies.

    Fat Tire is to Nuggets as Hot Dogs are to Baseball?
    I don't think you'd be going to Dartmouth, BG.

    Why? Because your connection is inherently regional and you are connecting with a very iconic, non-regional thing.

    How about Fat Tire is to Nuggets as NATHAN'S hot dogs are to Yankees?
    How about Fat Tire is to Nuggets as Kielbasa is to Green Bay Packers?
    How about (and this comes from my PNW friend) Fat Tire is to Nuggets as Clam Chowder is to the UW Huskies?

    Study and maybe you can go to a good school.
    Yours and welcome back,
    Anonymous Midwestern Girl